About us

Damian Cox and Patrick Fisher founded Wildstone in 2010, to help both public and private property
owners with the capitalisation of land into outdoor advertising sites. We focused on design and visionary
implementation and, as a result, are responsible for developing the large majority of high profile and
iconic outdoor sites in the UK.

In 2015, alongside our US-based financial partners, Landmark Dividend, we expanded the business to
focus on the purchase of leasehold and freehold outdoor advertising assets. In 2017 we opened offices in
Germany, France and Spain. And today, we are en route to becoming the largest aggregation fund of
media assets across Europe.

Our people

Our people

Like any successful business, it’s our people that make the difference.

We have a team of outdoor advertising specialists and surveyors, who are happy to offer no obligation valuations, and freely share their vast knowledge about the industry, local rents and market trends.

Damian Cox

Global CEO & Founding Partner

Patrick Fisher

Founding Partner

Jonathan Chandler


Philip Allard

COO & Planning Director

Ivo ter Wee

COO Europe

Paula Oliver

Managing Director, Airports
Michael Smith Wildstone Capital

Michael Smith

Acquisition Director

James Nelson-Sullivan

Head of Portfolios

Freddie Bulgin

Acquisition Manager

Luke Armstrong

Acquisition Executive

Oliver Kempton

Acquisition Executive

Ben Kelly

Associate Director

Michael Doyle

Senior Planner

Laura Joseph


Oliver Bancroft

Junior Planner

Ben Goor

Managing Director, Build

David Jones

Operations Director

Frazer Day

Head of Projects

Ian La Roche

Project Co-ordinator & H&S Advisor

Mark Tracey

Project Co-ordinator

James Wood

Managing Director, Services

Kieran Jones

Senior Technician

Cheryl Froud

Office Manager, Build

Jill Hebden

European Marketing Director

Kiran Bachra

Senior Marketing Executive

Colin Burness

Creative Director

Nina Mertanen


Mark Langdale

Design Manager

Urska Ticar


Estea Donaldson

Office Manager & EA to Partners

James Dutson

Head of Legal

David Rhodes

Financial Controller

Jinisha Patel

Accounts Assistant
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